A Digital Filmmaker Walks Into a Still Life Photo Studio...

Noho Productions is an industry leader in the exacting world of still life photography.  If a top photographer is shooting for a household name consumer brand or a high-end publication, chances are it's happening in this storied NYC rental studio.

Despite their track record of aggressive print advertising, the folks at Noho had never before communicated with their clients through digital video.  So when they recently decided to take the plunge, they joined forces with Gouse Films.

The challenge was to announce the launch of a radically new service, while re-enforcing Noho’s established, values-based image.  Working closely with the company's key personnel, we dug deep and found an honest narrative that captures Noho’s vision.  And imagining the Noho experience through the eyes of a photographer, we created a branded look that reflects the clients’ sophisticated aesthetic. 

Kudos to Gouse Films' friends Greg & Andrew Seltzer (music) and Hiroaki Sasa (motion graphics) for their inspired contributions.

You can watch our two videos at www.nohoproductions.com.